Preschoolers are 3 times more likely than older children Kindergarten -  12th grade to be expelled out of school, recent studies reveal.


Research shows that young children who are expelled or suspended are 10 times more likely to:

- drop out of high school,

- to hold negative attitudes about school

- to end up in jail.


Our kids deserve better than this!


The Circle of Security  - Training is a way of thinking about emotion and behavior that enables parents and early childhood professionals to look beyond a child’s immediate behavior

and think about how to meet their genuine relationship needs for real behavior change

Using Circle of Security our trained Facilitators work with parents and care-givers and teachers to help them to:

  •   Understand their child’s emotional world by learning to read emotional needs
  •   Support their child’s ability to successfully manage emotions
  •   Enhance the development of their child's self esteem
  •   Honor the innate wisdom and desire for their child to be secure and safe!

What is a Circle of Security Intervention Program training?

Teacher Training

Early care professionals make a commitment to a child’s education, but children benefit when there is a deep commitment to the whole child. 

Learn more about COS - Teacher Training

Parent Training

At times all parents feel lost or without a clue about what our child might need from us. Imagine what it might feel like if you were able to make sense of what your child was really asking from you.

Learn more about COS - Parent Training

Foster Parent and Caregiver Training

Gain insight on how to promote secure attachment.  Tools for grandparents, extended family members, and foster parents.

Learn more about COS - Foster Parent Training

Who will benefit from Circle of Security? 

Parents who feel a disconnect with their child and want to strengthen their bond Interested in a new perspective of positive interaction with their child

New parents - who do not know how to bond with infants or understand the importance of attachment from birth 

Foster parents  and Adoptive Parents - who want to attach with a child from trauma, abuse and neglect

Birth or Biological parents - being reunified with their children with a understanding how to attach in a healthy manner

Parents who struggle to support their children’s exploration and are anxious afraid of the outbursts

Parents -  struggle to support their children’s distress and setting limits by being firm instead of mean

How Can Circle of Security Help Your Child and Family


A child with a secure attachment to their caregiver will have the ability to:

Enjoy the importance of close relationships and to take pleasure in them

Trust the people they love.
Problem solve on their own and with friends.

Have better relationships with siblings
Have higher self-esteem

Know how to be kind and interact to those around them.

MEET our - Circle of Security Certified Facilitators

Katy Hove 
San Diego, California

Certified Facilitator for Circle of Security for Parents(COSP)

Certified Facilitator – Circle of Security for teachers, classrooms and schools

Professional Degree and/or Licensure - Bachelor in Elementary Education

COS training - Facilitate 1:1 or groups or In person if local – online – sessions

I work with - Parents, Teachers Couples, Grandparents, Foster Parents etc.

Flexible schedule in PST time zone – weekends as well

Katy Hove - [email protected]
Press here - Start your COS Journey with Katy - NOW

Dr. Judy Osterhage

Santa Barbara, California

Certified Facilitator for Circle of Security for Parents(COSP)

Certified Facilitator – Circle of Security for teachers, classrooms and schools

Early Childhood Specialist. Teacher – Early Childhood, and Elementary Ed. degree 
Parent Educator and Parent Coach – specializations – foster and adoption. Trauma Informed Care. Teacher Education

Professional Degree and License - Doctorate – Social Justice – Educational Leadership for Change, Love and Logic Parent Education Facilitator, Certified Family Mediator, Restorative Justice

Dr. Judy Sullivan Osterhage - [email protected]

As a participant of the Circle of Security Parenting, Foster Parent and Teacher Program you will:

- Gain knowledge about how your child’s secure attachment to caregivers supports their emotional health for a lifetime.

- Learn to use the Circle of Security map to understand the basic attachment needs of you and your child.

- Learn about effective strategies for changing problematic patterns of attachment and promoting emotional well-being.

- Have the opportunity to be supported by other parents

All The Tools Please contact us if you are interested in knowing more -


Katy Hove - [email protected]


Dr. Judy Sullivan Osterhage - [email protected]